Milestones achieved

  1. 27th October 1999: Institution of ADARSHA as a social service organization by registering as a society under Karnataka Societies Registration Act 1960.
  2. 1999 Promotion of Self Help Groups in 10 villages of Karkala Taluk
  3.  4th April 2000 Establishment of ‘Gramajyothi SHG Federation’ with 40 Self Help Groups as members.
  4. 1st January 2001: Launching of Project’ Development awakening and Self Help Group promotion for the weaker sections in Karkala Taluk’ supported by Andheri Hilfe Bonn and Andheri Trust India.
  5. 14th February 2002: Founder member of Sanchi Trust Mangalore promoted by 5 NGOs in D. K. dist. working for the welfare of women unskilled workers.
  6. August 2001: Launching of project ‘Alternate income generation program for women beedi workers in Dakshina Kannada’ in partnership with the International Labour Organization’
  7. January 2003: Implementation of I year project ‘Community organization of the Scheduled caste communities’ supported by CARITAS India (1 year)
  8. March 2003: Implementation of Women and Child Health Programme supported by Ministry of Family Welfare Govt. of India (1 year)
  9. 1st May 2004: Institution of ‘ADARSHA Social Security Fund’ for social security coverage of Self Help Group members
  10. November 2004: launching of ‘Helping Hand Programme’ for helping the very poor for meeting basic livelihood needs through fundraising from the community.
  11. 1st September 2005:  Launching of project ‘Community-based rehabilitation program for disabled children’ supported by Liliane Foundation Netherlands.
  12. 6th February 2006: Registration of ‘Navachethana Multipurpose Souhrada Cooperative Ltd. With SHG members as shareholders.
  13. 14th October 2007: Opening of Self employment training Centre and Cooperative branch office in Pulkeri Karkala.
  14. September 2008: Organization of the workshop in Mangalore for SLF-CBR partner NGOs of Karnataka and Maharashtra states.
  15. 7th March 2010: Decennial day celebration.