Beliefs and Objectives

Our important Objectives are….

  • Promote sustainable development of the disadvantaged people:

We strive for the enablement of the weak and disadvantaged through animation, trainings linkages and other capacity building measures to gain confidence, knowledge and skills for self-reliant development initiatives.

  • Promote people‚Äôs associations and Community based structures:

Formation of groups, associations, unions, cooperatives, federations etc. of the weaker and unorganized sections of the society for their social empowerment and economic self-reliance.

  • Community based rehabilitation of the disabled children

We believe that disabled and special people especially children deserve a life of dignity, opportunity and equal place in the community and it is the duty of every family and community member to take special care and effort to help the special people to occupy their rightful space in the society.

  • Helping the helpless and reaching the unreached people

We strive to help the very poor, widows, sickly and oppressed  people to meet their basic needs of shelter, health and social welfare by mobilizing help from the community and from other agencies for financial and material assistance.